Highlighting the Triple Bottom Line


Are you closer to the solution than the problem?

After studying the coffee industry for more than six years as a freelance journalist, I’m taking a more active role by supporting the companies and models in which I believe.

As quality coffee production faces the increasing threat of climate change, farmer attrition and rock-bottom commodity prices, businesses across the chain want to know that their partner producers and organizations have what is needed to weather the storm.

Not only can my team help with supply chain correspondence on your transparency and traceability initiatives, we can use that intelligence to better inform your campaign.

Abeja.coffee will help you prove to your audience that your brand is committed to financial, social and environmental sustainability. As we strive together to earn maximum impact for your efforts, your sacrifices will not be made in vain.

- Jimmy Sherfey

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Marketing and Public RElations

Management, design and coordination to promote your sustainability campaign and investment in specialty coffee.

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Social Media Solutions 

Monitoring, publishing and reporting to improve the planning, reach and engagement for your company’s growth initiatives.

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